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Privacy Policy

What is this Policy? This Policy is intended to help you understand what data Therapy Garden, (“we“) collect, how we use it, and your rights related to it. For purposes of this Policy and unless otherwise specified, “data” includes information that is linked to one person or household including things like name, email address, phone numbers, device ID, Third Party identifiers, contact information, and communications with the Counsellor. Some jurisdictions might consider this to be “personal data,” “personally identifiable information,” or “sensitive personal data” in certain circumstances. When you use and access our website, you accept and agree to both the Terms & Conditions and this Privacy Policy. The purpose of this Policy is to explain the technical aspects of data Processing in a simple and clear way. Please feel free to email if you have any questions or suggestions on improving this Policy.

Who does this apply to? This Policy applies to any visitors to the public portions of this website and users who create accounts or use of the paid portions of our Platform (“Members“).

Do you collect, store or process my data? In this Policy, we refer generally to activities done with data as "Processing" or "Process." Examples of Processing include collecting, storing, and using data. We Process data like your email id to do things like operate the Platform and make sure you are able to use our services effectively. We may also Process your user behaviour data from your interaction with the website to improve the quality of our website and services, with the help of Third Party tools. In addition, we may Process data to send you periodic emails (e.g. reminders of upcoming sessions, reminder when your Pricing Plan is expiring). They may also be used for communications when a new blog post is uploaded on the site. You can opt out of receiving texts or marketing communications at any time.

Are my sessions with the Counsellor confidential? The content of the Session(s) will be treated as highly confidential information. The Counsellor will need to discuss the work with their counsellor but the Counsellor will not use any identifying details of the Client except for a few circumstances as the follows: • If the Counsellor considers the Client to be at risk of seriously harming themselves or someone else • If the counselling records have been requested by government authorities • If another party or agency has requested the Client’s information, and the Client has agreed in writing

How is my data from counselling sessions treated and stored? The Counsellor will take notes during or after each Session to help to keep track of the progress together. These notes will be stored in a private and secure location and may be viewed by the Client if the Client so wishes. The counselling records will be kept by the service for a period of one (1) year from the date of the Client’s last contact with the service. There will be no recording of video calls or audio calls.

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