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Client Testimonials

Individual Counseling

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"​I've had the privilege of being under Diya's guidance, and it's been a transformative experience. Her approach has significantly helped me in recognizing and understanding my emotions, playing a vital role in healing my past wounds. With Diya, I've always felt a comforting sense of non-judgment, allowing me to speak my mind freely. Her insightful feedback and practical methods have not only aided in my personal growth but also in fostering kindness towards those around me. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a compassionate and effective therapist."

German Expat

Group Therapy

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"I love the feeling of camaraderie and sharing experiences even when we are all so different. Even after just 2 group therapy sessions, I have felt that the insights have had a profound effect on me. I find myself trying be more of a witness to my feelings, and have become more aware of when I am trying to dissociate or push something away.  A breathing exercise of observing thoughts and feelings has reinforced this as well, so that I can stop identifying my core self with how I am (temporarily) feeling. I know these concepts aren’t new or particularly innovative per se, but the gentle way Diya presents them with genuine care and curiosity has reached me in a way I haven’t felt with other therapists."

Indian American Expat

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