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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions shall stipulate the right and obligation of the Counsellor and the Client for the counselling service by the Counsellor.


1. The Scope of Work

Counsellor shall have sessions specified in this contract (“Sessions”) to the Client. Each Session consists of 50 minutes one-on-one counselling via video call for stress and/or anxiety management and personal development.

It’s noted that the Counsellor believes that clients have the desire and the capacity to grow towards fulfilling their true potential, and that they are the experts on their own lives. Therefore, the Counsellor will not give the Client advice or offer solutions but will work with the Client to help to understand themselves more fully and to find their own inner resources. The Counsellor trusts that the Client will invest in, and commit to, their own personal development and change.


2. Fee Arrangement






3. Timing of the contract formation 

3.1 Counsellor’s email to approve the Client’s order should be considered as our intention to approve the Client’s offer. When the email is received by the Client, the contract shall be formed.

3.2 Even if the Counsellor accepts the Client’s offer, the Counsellor reserves the right to reject it in case of the following:

 a. Client’s breach of these terms and conditions and any other agreement with the Counsellor

 b. Client pretending to be a third party

 c. Filling out the form with false information

 d. Invalid email address is used in the form

 e. Illegal use or suspicious use of credit card used for the payment

 f. Other matters reasonable to reject the Client’s offer


4. Payment method and rescheduling/ cancellation

Payment (for paid sessions) can be made by bank transfer/ convenience store options available on this website. Note that if the Client chooses the bank transfer option on this website, the amount the Client transfers needs to match the amount on the order. The Client can request for payment by credit card/debit card or PayPal but this will include a surcharge of 3.5% to cover the higher transaction fee. 

Rescheduling/ cancellation before the commencement of Session(s): 0-36 hours’ notice before the Session – no refund (full Session fee applicable). 


5. Termination

5.1 This Contract will be terminated after the commencement of the Session(s) by the mutual agreement between the Client and the Counsellor. However, the Client and the Counsellor have the right to terminate this Contract at any time. In case the Client notifies to terminate this Contract, it is advised to do so one Session before the Final session for proper closure of the therapeutic process.

5.2 In case that the Counsellor thinks that our counselling is no longer appropriate for the Client, the Counsellor will use the best effort to discuss this with the Client and may notify the Client to terminate this Contract or refer them to a more appropriate service. 

5.3 In case of the termination of the Session(s) after the commencement of the Session(s), all fee paid already shall not be reimbursed.


6. Confidentiality

The content of the Session(s) will be treated as highly confidential information. The Counsellor will need to discuss the work with their Clinical Supervisor but the Counsellor will not use any identifying details of the Client except for a few circumstances as the follows:

• If the Counsellor considers the Client to be at risk of seriously harming themselves or someone else

• If the counselling records have been requested by government authorities 

• If another party or agency has requested the Client’s information, and the Client has agreed in writing


7. Record keeping

The Counsellor will take notes during or after each Session to help to keep track of the progress together. These notes will be stored in a private and secure location and may be viewed by the Client if the Client so wishes. The counselling records will be kept by the service for a period of one (1) year from the date of the Client’s last contact with the service. There will be no recording of video calls or audio calls.


8. Email/SNS/telephone contact

Email/SNS/telephone contact will be limited to scheduling dates and times for the Session(s) only. The Counsellor will not provide any service through Email/SNS/telephone without the Counsellor’s prior approval in writing.


9. Emergency contact

Please be mindful that the Session(s) are not a crisis service. If the Client faces an emergency in the terms of the Session(s), please contact the appropriate emergency service in Japan stipulated below. In a life-threatening situation in Japan, call 110 without delay.







10. General Conditions

10.1 The Counsellor requires the Client to be truthful and work in the best interests of the Contract between the Counsellor and the Client.

10.2 Lateness: The Client is paying for the agreed time with the Counsellor. It is the Client’s responsibility to attend the Session(s) on time.

10.3 No refund will be given for any late arrival at the Session(s) under any circumstances. This includes emergency or unforeseen circumstances out of the Client’s immediate control.

10.4 If the Client arrives late, an extension of the Session(s) will not be offered.

10.5. The Counsellor is not required under any circumstances to go beyond the arranged session finishing time. The Session(s) will be terminated at the end of the arranged time even if the Client has not reached his or her desired outcome.

10.6 The Counsellor will use reasonable care and skill in providing the service that the Client chooses. There are no guarantees of successful outcomes.

10.7 It is not the responsibility of the Counsellor to achieve the desired outcome for the Client. The desired outcome as an achievement of the goal(s) cannot be guaranteed or promised to the Client by the Counsellor. It would be unethical to provide a guarantee for the Client for the Session(s).

10.8 If the Client is not satisfied with the therapy’s outcome, there is no refund. The Counsellor does not accept any liability in relation to the therapy used in Session(s).


11. Refund

11.1 Booked Session(s) by the Client must be paid for in full before the Session(s). No refund will be issued for any cancellations or missed appointments with notice in writing. This policy applies under all circumstances including emergencies, illness, or any situations out of the Client’s control.

11.2 The Counsellor will not terminate the Session(s) before its agreed time. However, if the Client desires to finish a Session earlier than the agreed time, a refund for the remaining time will not be given.

11.3 The Counsellor can only offer an estimate of the duration of therapy based on his clinical experience. This, however, is only an estimate and therapy can be extended or terminated based on the Client’s needs and treatment’s progress.

11.4 Personal threats, verbal or physical abuse and vandalism will not be tolerated and the Session will be immediately terminated. Subsequently, no refund will be given for the remaining time of the Session.

11.5 Although the agreed time of each Session is 50 minutes, the Counsellor reserves the right to terminate the Session if the Session(s) is not considered in the best interest of the Client. The Counsellor reserves the right not to disclose the reason for the Session’s termination. In these circumstances, no refund will be given.


12. Intellectual property

12.1 Any material produced in the Session (e.g., video/audio recordings, session notes, written homework, and psychoeducational material) is the Counsellor’s intellectual property and copyright.

12.2 The Client under no circumstances is permitted to record (video, audio) the Session (on the phone or any other device) unless the Counsellor has issued consent in writing.


13. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

 These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Japan. This applies to any Session(s). In the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions or any dispute arising in relation to the Counsellor, whether in contract or otherwise, the district court of Japan will have exclusive jurisdiction over such dispute.

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